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We're on a mission to help more and more women feel a sense of confidence redefined. That's why this time, we've taken another huge step towards working with you more directly throughout your hair transformation. If you've picked out a style that must be installed by a professional and you are local to Sandy Springs, Georgia, here's some exciting news -- there are stylists in Kith & Kin Salon that now depend on our first-rate extensions to get the job done, and they would love to be with you for the ride.

Speaking with an experienced technician face to face means you can start from the beginning. You'll have access to their vast pool of experience with kind + honest feedback about what styles will suit you the best. They can help you pinpoint your desired look or ideal care products in consideration of your lifestyle, and how much maintenance you're comfortable with. Installation will be insightfully easy, and follow-ups are always welcome. Meet our partners, Kith & Kin Salon!

Kith & Kin Salon

The Right Hair for You Choosing Mélange means our stylists will always be using the highest quality of Southeast Asian, Indian, or European hair at your appointments. When Kith & Kin choose to use our completely virgin human hair, they do it with a commitment to paying close attention to important details. We're grateful to be able to provide our customers with services they'll love, using products they can rely on and feel good about.

Learning how to beautify your accessories by yourself can sometimes be tricky and exhausting. In due consideration of their strong durability, you'll likely have them for years, so you have to know how to style them. We also know that different faces will look the best with different styles and hairline edge shapes. However, these stylists will gladly help match you with the best certified products we offer at Mélange -- the right style for you!

You may already know how detailed the process is to pluck the part of a lovely new wig. For a beginner, even clip-ins can sometimes be a struggle to fasten properly with full coverage. These little features add up to make your hair look that much more realistic, and our new friends can hook you up. With a compassionate approach, and a healthy earth in mind, we'll keep providing bundles that are always full and voluminous from top to bottom with beautiful + natural texture.

It can be a time-consuming process to figure out all of these ins and outs with no guidance, but learning with an attentive professional will be an awesome treat. You can feel safe knowing that these licensed stylists are trained and ready to be in your corner while you incorporate these eco-friendly and high-quality goodies into your daily routine.

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When is it time to get your tape-ins repositioned? Confused about how i-tips really work? How much residue remover do you really need? At Kith & Kin Salon , you can get personalized advice on these, and anything else you might want to know, face-to-face, with the promise that you'll have access to the varied Mélange collection at your fingertips. If you're local to Sandy Springs, Georgia, you can choose your own adventure.