Why Mélange

Welcome to Mélange Hair Extensions, where good hair days happen every day!

What We Do

At Mélange Hair Extensions, we provide you with high-quality, natural, and luxurious clip-in and tape-in hair extensions! We’re committed to helping you live your best life; free of insecurities or inhibitions!
Our Story
Mélange Hair Extensions was founded in 2015 by girl boss, Yamilah, with one goal in mind: inspire and empower women! At Mélange Hair Extensions, we want to make an environment where beauty meets culture, and women can break away from their insecurities and inhibitions. We don’t just create extensions; we create a lifestyle where you live boldly, fully, to the beat of your own drum, and most importantly say “YES!” to the best of what life has to offer! We believe that when you’re free to live life on their own terms, you can blossom, grow, and achieve all of your wildest dreams!
Our Products
At Mélange Hair Extensions, the quality of MHE is the key!  Our products are made out of only the highest quality, 100% natural Virgin Hair, giving you luxurious, natural-looking hair extensions. Our extensions behave, look, and feel exactly like real hair; meaning you can style, color, and cut them however you want, without ever worrying about shedding or dullness! At Mélange Hair Extensions, we have a huge selection of hair extensions, making us a one-stop-shop for all of your needs! Our committed team will ensure that your experience with us is easy, fun, and helps you find your best hair!
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