Have healthy natural hair

Get guidance from a licensed hairstylist

Hair blowing Achieve the Natural Hair Extension Look

Many Women Struggle to Find the Right Hair Extensions for Them.

  • They can be synthetic extensions that can look cheap or unnatural.
  • They can have colors that don’t blend in.
  • They can have attachments that fall apart right away or are difficult to work with.
  • They can make you feel less confident in your overall look.
  • They can be made out of different artificial products that can have a large environmental impact.

    When you buy your extensions through Mélange Hair, we bring together the best in raw Indian hair extensions, full from bottom to top with natural texture in each bundle, and trusted top-of-the-line certified manufacturers in tape-ins, I-tips, and clip-ins, to help you produce a look that’s easy to put together, naturally sourced, and natural looking.
  • 1. Book a free consultation with our experienced hairstylist

  • 2. Wear your natural hair color and texture so we can do a hair match

  • 3. Schedule an appointment with our licensed hairstylist to install your beautiful new hair extensions!

  • “Jay is a Licensed Cosmetologist of 10 years
    Master Lash Tech Instructor since 2020
    She specializes in color, extensions, make up and brow art.”

  • “Natalie Young has been a Licensed master cosmetologist since 1996. Master Lash Artist since 2011. She specialize in healthy hair and enhancing the natural beauty of her clients.”